Live and share your passion with us

Why be a YummyChef?

Partnership & Support
Our team works closely with you to bring out your fullest potential.
Marketing Campaigns
From social media, mainstream media to partnerships and many more, you get the opportunity to participate in our dynamic marketing campaigns.
User-friendly Technology
Our technology team has built a system designed specially for you to share your food with a breeze.

What's more

Comfort and Convenience
Live the dream of working at the comfort and convenience of your own home!
Own Time Own Target
Enjoy the flexibility of managing your own cooking schedule at your own pace!
Grow and Reach Out
Grow your fan base and reach out to more foodies!
Income Supplement
Grab the opportunity to earn an extra income by doing what you love!

How it works

Apply as Chef
Apply as Chef
Click on Apply as Chef and fill up the registration form
We will review your application within 2 working days
YummyChef Tutorial
YummyChef Tutorial
Complete the tutorial to build your YummyKitchen
We will review your application within 2 working days
YummyAmbassador Support
Kitchen Visit
The team will take a short visit to your kitchen to ensure it meets basic hygiene standards
Food & Hygiene Course
Food & Hygiene Course
Attend and complete a Food & Hygiene course


What are the qualities YummyBank looks for in YummyChefs?

You do not have to be a professional chef or hold a culinary degree. We only emphasize on your passion for sharing home cooked specialties with others and your community spirit!

What is the minimum age to be a YummyChef?

You have to be at least 18 years and above to be a YummyChef.

Can I share meals prepared from a commercial kitchen?

No. YummyChefs can only prepare meals strictly from a residential kitchen for sale to your family and friends as compliance to the HDB/URA’s Home Based Small Scale Business Scheme.

What are the types of food I can share on YummyBank?

Take a chance and experiment on new dishes or simply share your signature dish that your family and friends enjoy!

Is there a fee required to list my food on YummyBank?

A 12% platform fee will be deducted from your overall sales for the month. If you did not make any sales, there will be no deduction.

How do I sign up?

Application to be a YummyChef on our platform is currently not open and is only available by invitation only.

Sounds Good?

Be a YummyChef today!