Our Story

YummyBank was founded by Aaron Tan, Stacy Seah and Caleb Ong. Coming from a rich background in the events industry, the founders have been frequent business travellers for over a decade. During these trips, they had the opportunity to indulge in luxurious food from the finest restaurants to delicacies at local eateries.

However, due to these frequent travels, home cooked food was greatly missed even though they enjoyed the best dining experiences other cities could offer. Thus, the idea of preserving and sharing Singapore’s home cooking culture was born. After a year of preparation, YummyBank was launched in July 2016.

About YummyLunch Menu

YummyLunch is an avenue on YummyBank where we specially handpicked the best recipes by our YummyChefs. We work with them to create an exclusive ever-changing selection of home cooked lunches to cater to the working community.

The YummyLunch service is targeted at the tech-savvy PMETs who are looking at having alternative lunch ideas that are convenient, suitable for everyday lunch or even meetings and work-related events. It also saves them time and from getting caught in the hectic lunch crowds at their offices. More importantly, the working community will be able to enjoy all the heart without the work in these meals.

How it works


Select from an ever-changing menu created with heirloom recipes from our YummyChefs

2Add and check out

Add your favourite lunch to your cart and check out with your credit card

3Collect at YummyStops

Simply head down to your selected YummyStop to collect your YummyLunch

About YummyChef Menu

At YummyBank, we believe that the tradition of home cooking should not be lost as we move along with the modern times. There are so many great home recipes out there and it would be a shame that only a minority gets to enjoy them. The beauty of the platform is that it allows home chefs (YummyChefs) to share their homemade dishes, not just with their family, but friends in Singapore can also enjoy these dishes. With YummyBank, we’ll be one tight knitted community through great food.

How it works


Select from the diverse cuisines and dishes that our YummyChefs have to share

2Add and check out

Add your favourite dishes to your cart and check our with your credit card

3Collect or have it delivered

Select your preferred method to receive your food through either meet ups or delivery


When is YummyLunch available?

The YummyLunch Menu is available for orders every Monday to Friday (except public holidays).

What time is the last order?

You can make your order up to 1 hour before the pick up time. E.g. The pick up time you have selected is 12:00pm, the last order is at 11:00am.

How do I receive my YummyLunch order?

Simply head down to your nearest YummyStops located at UOB Plaza, Asia Square Tower 1 or One Raffles Quay, near the taxi stands. Our friendly YummyCrew will be there with your lunch, recognisable in our orange polo tee.

Are there any discounts or promotions?

Order your lunch at least a day in advance and enjoy 20% off! It is our way of saying thank you for your efforts in joining us to bring food wastage to a minimum.

How do I pay?

Payment is accepted via credit card only at the moment.

Why should I try YummyLunch?

By dining with YummyLunch, you’re supporting a local initiative where we preserve the home cooking heritage together. You also get a wholesome heartwarming lunch to get your day going at work. How awesome is that?

What is the YummyChefs Menu?

This is where you can savour the good old tastes from the past or modern innovative flavours, specially prepared by our YummyChefs with their home recipes.

Who are the YummyChefs?

Our YummyChefs come from all walks of life from working adults, stay-home parent to retirees. The YummyBank Team meets each YummyChef to get to know them and their food better to ensure that you will have a pleasant YummyBank experience.

I have dietary restrictions, how can I clarify the ingredients in the food?

The YummyChefs would have indicated some of their ingredients in the description. For more information, you may clarify with them through the web chat.

How do I receive my order?

YummyFriends can collect their order either by meeting up with the YummyChef or opt for a delivery.

What if the YummyChef is unable to fulfil my order after payment is made?

In rare cases where this happens, you will receive a full credit card refund.

How do I pay?

Payment is accepted via credit card only at the moment.